A. Douglas Thibodeau, LLC tests for radon gas in air and water and installs radon mitigation systems in properties throughout Connecticut. Our specialty is the design and installation of high quality, efficient, unobtrusive and affordable mitigation systems. If you have a problem that needs immediate attention, call us first! Most importantly, we are certified by NEHA (National Environmental Health Association) which is a nationally recognized certification authority for radon testing and mitigation. We are also registered with the State of Connecticut and have a Connecticut Contractors License and are insured. This is your assurance that we will follow all radon mitigation protocols and install your system correctly.

     Our company is founded on a strong belief in customer service and delivering the best product to our customer we possibly can. We strive to make our customers feel at ease regarding radon through education and a professional, yet personal approach to doing business. As such, NEVER HESITATE TO CALL US, even if you only have a question. You will never be given a sales pitch.

     Most radon testing and mitigation is performed during a real estate transaction. When purchasing a new home, most buyers have the property tested for high levels of radon gas and insist the seller mitigate the home if the levels are beyond the recommended guideline. This is a smart move... A homebuyer certainly does not want to subject his family to high levels of radon day after day. However, the seller could have been living in a home for years that had high levels of radon. Why wait until you plan to move? Have your present home tested now!